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Responsibility and sustainability as a flag

At SEPIGEL®, we base our management on, responsible action, the care and development of the well-being of our employees, cooperation partners, customers and the community.

To this end, we take active steps to go beyond industry-wide recognized sustainability standards and continue our efforts to contribute to a sustainable industry and a fairer world.

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Environmental Protection

We are committed to protecting the environment. That is why we operate sustainable mining by developing production methods and products that cause the least possible environmental impact.

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Development and local growth

We have taken on the commitment to support. We promote local employment with the aim of contributing to the development, growth and maintenance of the areas in which we operate.

We also support projects with educational institutions that promote the development of our communities.

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Global projects

For us, people come first. For this reason, we do our part to improve the lifes of the people and families that surround us by investing in local development projects.

Especially in Senegal, where we have a production centre, we are running a global project together with the African NGO AMREF to improve the prevention and treatment of diseases in the village of Mbodiène, by improving access to health services, child nutrition and school rehabilitation.